Red Horse Vale
Your Friendly, Local Fuel Supplier since 1965

Monthly Payment Scheme

Red Horse operate a Monthly Payment Plan for approved customers, under which payments for fuel, typically higher in the winter months, can be spread over the whole year.
The customer pays a fixed lump sum every month by standing order (easily arranged by a telephone call by you to the bank) and these are credited to the customer's account. It is very helpful to ensure that the bank quotes your account reference on the payment for ease of identification, if you are a new customer contact us to open your account and we will give you your six digit account reference.

The Bank Account details of Red Horse for this purpose are:
13 Chapel Street
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6ET
Sort Code: 40-43-19
Account: Red Horse Vale Ltd
Number: 6166 6533

The Accounting Year of the scheme runs from 1st May to 30th April each year.
A reconciliation can take place at any time. Any Deficit must be paid immediately, unless it is agreed by both parties that the scheme is to continue to operate, in which case the deficit can be carried forward into the future, as the customer wishes.
At any time, the balance on the Account can be up to four times the monthly payment. No order can be set against this scheme until the application has been accepted and the first payment received.
Red Horse reserve the right to reconcile and terminate the arrangement at any time.